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Ski Cross 20 Day

You have seen ski cross racing in the Olympics. You’re curious. Is that for me? Come find out! This 20-day program is a good way to give our club a good test drive while acquiring the basics of ski cross racing. Evolve is the only club in the province that is dedicated solely to ski cross development. We use a variety of training techniques to build great ski cross racers. We leverage the ski cross track for development, but we also use the whole mountain at Lake Louise to create well equipped all around skiers. So while we want to see skiers excel in ski cross, we know our athletes need to have good general ski athleticism. To this extent, athletes in this program will experience challenges in the terrain park, steep shoots, moguls, tree skiing, jumps and drops… well you get the idea. We want our athletes to be able to ski anything at any time. With a strong and varied ski background we will look to specialize in ski cross later. Athletes can attend fall dryland training, on snow COP training mid-week evenings, camps through the season, and a year-end banquet. This program is fun, it develops technical skills, and it has just the right amount of challenge to make it exciting. You have to check it out. Join us!

Questions? Please contact our Program Director at programdirector@lakelouiseskiclub.ca

SX 40-Day

  • High Performance Development. 40 Days; Optional Add-Ons of Camps, COP Night Training and Dryland
  • Competition: LL SX Race + 2-3 Away Races
  • Recommended but NOT Included: Lake Louise Pass + Ski Equipment
  • Nov 18 to April 21: Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 3:30pm


SX 85-Day U16 FIS

  • High Performance. 75 Mountain + 10 COP Days; COP and Dryland Included
  • Competition: LL SX Race + 3-4 Away Races
  • Recommended but NOT Included: Lake Louise Pass + Ski Equipment
  • Nov 17 to May 6: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 3:30pm


SX Passport Program

  • 5 Mountain Days or 5 COP Days
  • -
  • Recommended but NOT Included: Hill Ticket + Ski Equipment
  • Approval from Program Director is Required

$400 or $200

Important notes:

1. When signing up on the Zone4 site, you will also be charged an Alberta Association fee which is required for insurance purposes.
2. Based on registration, the EvolveSSX club reserves the right to combine, change or modify the programs offered.